Writing and Editing for Technical, Marketing or  Creative Projects

Phrases Incorporated will help with all of your writing projects. We’ll write content for your website, marketing copy for ads or brochures – we’ll even ghostwrite your blog (or your novel). We’ll provide targeted niche marketing for your small business. If your technical prose is dry as dust we’ll liven it up without sacrificing accuracy.

Maybe you’re a pretty handy writer yourself? Let us edit your work to perfection – or at least proofread it to make sure you’ve not been fooled by spellcheck again. Seriously. Anything you’d like. Anywhere. Any time. If you’re working on creative projects like short fiction, poems or a novel – even a screenplay – we can help you overcome the obstacles you find along the way. We’re currently working on projects as diverse as: technical writing for open source projects, software documentation, social media content, editing creative projects, and marketing for web-based companies and small businesses.

The Uncommon Process: project management and editing services for the manuscript that’s “nearly there”

The final months before submitting your manuscript to the publishing house. The anxious feeling: all the pieces are there, but you can’t be sure if they’re in the right places. The forest-for-the-trees questions. Continuity? Reader experience? You need another pair of eyes, but not just for errors of copy or syntax (though we’ll catch those, as well). You need someone to identify what’s standing between your manuscript as it is today and that best-possible draft that you want your editor to read. More information on this uncommonly helpful process, here.

Creative Coaching

If you haven’t yet written your best work, our creative coaching sessions are based on a format designed to renew and support your creative life. You’ll go home with fresh material and compassionate, yet productive, critique for your projects already underway.